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Basic Total Course

The Full-Pack for Hairdressers

  • Hair Cutting
  • Coloring
  • Blow Drying
  • & Styling

Unlock Your Total Potential
The Ultimate Hair Journey Begins Here
Master Everything in One Comprehensive Course

8 Weeks, 170 Hours, 4 Hours a Day
16,000 AED
Basic Hair Cutting - Estel School Dubai

Basic Hair Cutting Course

Craft the Perfect Cut & Unleash Your Creativity in Just 2 Weeks
Elevate Your Scissor Wizardry
Shape, Style, and Transform
Dive into the World of Hair Cutting Excellence

2 Weeks, 60 Hours, 4 Hours a Day
6,000 AED
Basic Hair Coloring - Estel School Dubai

Basic Coloring Course

Dive into the World of Colors
Transform Hair with Confidence
Discover the Magic of Hair Coloring

3 Weeks, 80 Hours, 4 Hours a Day
7,000 AED
Basic Hair Styling - Estel School Dubai

Basic Hair Styling Course

Unlock Your Creative Elegance
Master the Art of Hair Styling
Transform Every Strand into a Work of Art

5 Days, 35 Hours, 8 Hours a day + 1 Hour Break
5,000 AED
Advanced Hair Cutting - Estel School Dubai

Advanced Hair Cutting Course

Elevate Your Artistry in Just 1 Week
Intensive Exclusive Training
Discover the Secrets of Advanced Hair Cutting
Redefine Creativity and Style
Unleash Your Inner Hair Maestro

1 Week, 30 Hours, 4 Hours a Day
3,500 AED
Advanced Hair Coloring

Advanced Hair Coloring Course

Embrace the Art of Color Transformation
Master the Secrets of Fashion Trends, Perfect Blondes,
and Advanced Coloring Techniques to Paint Your Masterpiece

1 Week, 30 Hours
3,000 AED
Advanced Hair Coloring Techniques - Estel School Dubai

Advanced Hair Coloring Techniques

Discover the Palette of Possibilities
Master Air Touch, Balayage, and Highlighting to Redefine Hair Color Artistry
Choose a Technique to explore over 6-8 hours, allowing for in-depth exploration and practice

1 Technique in 1 Day, 6-8 Hours
1,000 AED
Advanced Hairstyling - Estel School Dubai

Advanced Hairstyling Course

Craft Elegance with Your Fingertips
Master Wedding and Evening Hairstyles in Just 5 Days
You’ll be the Go-To Hairstylist for Special Occasions

1 Week, 35 Hours
6,000 AED
Advanced Arabic Hairstyling - Estel School Dubai

Advanced Arabic Hairstyling Course

Unlock the Essence of Arabic Beauty
Perfect Short, Medium, and Long Hairstyles for Arabic Hair
4 Hours of practice to become an artist in Arabic Hairstyling

1,000 AED
Evening Hairstyling - Estel School Dubai

Evening Hairstyling Course

Style Every Evening with Grace and Glamour
Master Waves, 3D Locks, Surf Locks, and More in Just 3 Days
Unleash the Magic of Evening Hairstyles

3 Days, 21 Hours
3,000 AED
Hair Extensions Course - Estel School Dubai

Hair Extension Course

Transform and Elevate Hair in Just 2 Days
Master Capsules and Unleash the Magic of Hair Extensions
Redefining Hairstyles with Every Strand

2 Days, 8 Hours
2,000 AED