Basic Hair Coloring

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Basic Hair Coloring Course

Unlock the Art of Hair Coloring in Just 3 Weeks!

At Estel School Dubai, we understand the transformative power of hair color. Our Basic Hair Coloring Course is designed to empower you with the skills and knowledge you need to become a master of hair coloring in a short span of 3 weeks, comprising 80 hours of intensive training.


Course Highlights

  • Basic Coloristics: Delve into the color circle, primary and secondary shades, and develop a deep understanding of the science of hair color.
  • Correct Mixing of Colors: Master the precise techniques for mixing colors to achieve your desired shade, whether it’s warm, cool, or neutral.
  • Peroxide Perfection: Gain expertise in the selection and application of peroxides to create stunning color transformations.
  • Lightening Base Neutralization: Neutralize those unwanted yellow, orange, and red shades when lightening hair for a flawless finish.
  • Super-Lightening Series: Discover the secrets of super-lightening to achieve breathtaking results.
  • Bleaching Techniques: Explore powder and paste bleaching methods, as well as the art of highlighting using both powder and foil.
  • Grey Hair Coloring: Learn to effectively color and manage grey hair with confidence.

Course Fee: AED 7,000 (Including VAT)



Upon successfully passing the exam, you will be awarded the esteemed KHDA Certificate (Dubai, UAE) by Estel School Dubai. This certificate not only recognizes your expertise but also paves the way for a flourishing career in the world of hair coloring.


What’s Included

  • Study guides and workbooks to enhance your learning experience.
  • Hands-on practice on dummy-heads and live models.
  • Access to essential hairdressing tools.
  • Exclusive use of high-quality ESTEL products for your training.

Don’t miss this incredible opportunity to become a proficient hair colorist. Join us at Estel School Dubai for our Basic Hair Coloring Course and embark on a journey towards creating captivating and stunning hair color transformations. Enroll today and become a sought-after expert in the art of hair coloring!




7,000 AED