Hair Coloring, 80 hours

  • basic coloristics (color circle, primary and secondary shades)
  • correct mixing of colors
  • matching a desired shade (specifics of warm, cool and neutral shades)
  • correct applying of peroxides (selection of peroxides)
  • lightening base neutralization (neutralization of yellow, orange, and red shades)
  • super-lightening series
  • bleaching (powder, paste)
  • highlighting – work with powder and foil
  • grey hair coloring


Haircutting, 50 hours

  • proper washing head and massage. Hair sectioning
  • hairdressing Tools and Accessories overview
  • basic forms of women haircuts. One level straight line
  • selection of a haircut according to the face shape. Cutting concept.
  • line vertical cut, layers cut, bob cut, section cut at side
  • modeling haircuts
    overall practice with blow dry and iron
  • overall practice with short hair styling (curling iron)
    overall practice of haircutting on models


Blow-drying, 10 hours

  • techniques of creating a perfect styling
  • overview of hairdressing tools
  • techniques of creating natural volume
  • root volume techniques
  • creating curls with brushing
  • hair smoothness with brushing
  • styling with a hairdryer
  • professional styling products
  • practical training on dummy-heads


Hairstyling, 20 hours

  • proper constructing of a hairstyle
  • combining of various elements, textures
  • hair preparation for styling
  • fixing hairstyles (using pins)
  • styling variety overview
  • hairdressing accessories
  • hairstyles with plaits, knots, braids
  • locks with iron and curling iron
  • braids
  • ponytail

Included in price: Study guides /Workbook / Dummy-head / Model /Hairdressing Tools / ESTEL products



Upon successful passing of the exam, a student is awarded with the KHDA Certificate (Dubai, UAE) by the Estel School Dubai.